How much life insurance do I need?

This a question that we get asked many times a day in the One Life office.
Life Insurance is possibly the best financial tool to protect your family and loved ones from unforeseen circumstances.
Have you, however, ever wondered how much insurance – particularly life insurance — is actually good enough for you? For instance, you might have several insurance policies, but are you also adequately insured?
You need to know this, not only as an individual but as a consumer too – particularly in view of the fact that a majority of Irish are still either uninsured or under-insured.

So how much…
– money should he put aside now to receive the right benefit our children’s education?
– should we save now to receive the right benefit for our daughter’s marriage?
– do we want for our family to get as a benefit in case of our untimely demise?

Please use this easy to use calculator to get an approximate figure, then you can go to our quote generator to find the cheapest quotes based on your details.