Life Insurance for Overweight People
Something not many of us consider when buying a life Insurance plan is our height and weight.
Life insurance is one of the best investments that can ever make for the future of your loved ones. It’s one of the only ways that you can guarantee that they have the money that they need, regardless of what happens to you.
Life insurance and BMI may not even seem like an issue for someone who is healthy and has an average weight, but it actually affects everyone.
Can Overweight People Get Affordable Life Insurance?
Yes, in most cases you can, as insurers are quite forgiving when it comes to pricing life insurance for overweight people…and some insurers are more lenient than others too.
If you have a Body Mass Index of 33.5 or less, we should find you cover for the same price as everyone else.
Insurance companies underwrite life insurance for overweight people on a case by case basis depending on age, whether you smoke, if there are other weight related health issues etc.
Recently we succeeded in getting Life Insurance at the standard price for a man who is 6ft 2 and 19st 7lb stone. He had a BMI of 35.1 He was a Munster Rugby Player and trained nearly every day and lifted weights on a weekly basis. We had to argue his case but we got him standard rates eventually.
The average person’s Body Mass Index (or height to weight ratio) is about 26. However even if you have a Body Mass Index of up to 45, we are still confident that we can find you life insurance.
We specialise in finding life insurance for overweight people, as well as critical illness insurance and income protection.
So, just because you’re overweight, don’t assume you will have a loading (increase) in your premiums.
We are experts in knowing which insurers will consider your application, given your high body mass index, with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. Most importantly, we do all the work for you making this a hassle-free and streamlined process.
If you have an existing plan, and you were loaded because of your weight, give us a call and we will review your plan and we will do our best to get your premiums lowered.
If you’re worried about your weight affecting your life insurance, call us here.
As experts in this area we will hopefully get you affordable cover…
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