Offshore Workers Life Insurance

If you are an offshore oil rig worker, then you are already well aware that your job isn’t all easy. You work long hours and are always surrounded by heavy machinery that puts your life and health at risk on a daily basis.

In this article we aim to provide you with a clear and concise guide as to what an insurance provider will be looking at when you apply for Life Insurance.

Can I get Life Insurance as an Oil Rig Worker?

The simple answer is yes.

Life Insurance for offshore workers needs to be placed with specific insurers who will be able to consider the cover. Insurance providers view the risks of working offshore differently depending upon the length of time you spend offshore, your occupation and the location that you are travelling to.

What will the insurers need to know at the application stage?

Life Insurance for Offshore Workers will depend on a number of key factors which will be assessed by underwriters, such as:

-Type of industry (e.g. Oil, Gas, Navy, Fishing etc.)

-Job role / title

– Location

-Percentage of occupation classed as high risk

-Equipment / machinery used/ flying time to and from the rig

-Qualifications held

Life Insurance for those working on an Oil Rig

Each insurer looks at this differently and some are far more lenient than others. That is where our job comes in to find you that Insurer who will give you the best rates.

If your job role is classed as high risk, then you may find that there is an increase to the premium that you will pay. Life insurance for offshore workers is underwritten based on the levels of risk involved which can be very high in certain roles and industries. Where jobs are classed as high risk, then we will need to research the market to find the best insurance provider for you and we do all of that work for you.

Offshore Workers Serious Illness Cover

People who work offshore looking for Serious Illness cover will generally find that cover is available, however some exclusions may apply depending on the level of risk involved with your role. Critical illness cover for offshore workers will usually only come with occupational exclusions where the risks are higher.
If your role is an administration or managerial role then you should find that your critical illness cover will be accepted at standard rates without exclusions.

Now what?

The good news is that you have reached your destination. We are an impartial Life Insurance agency that has many years of experience working with offshore oil rig workers.

We do all the shopping on your behalf, to insure that you get the best rate out there. The best part is we do this at no extra cost to you!

If you would like to apply for Life Insurance and are an offshore worker please feel free to contact us on 01-5390410, where an insurance adviser can help you through the application process,