Santa is looking for Life Insurance.

Santa contacted ‘OneLife Insure’ last week, and asked us for a quote for Life Insurance.

Like all prospective clients, we advised him that there are a number of factors that determine if he could get cover, and how much his premiums will be.

Age is one of the biggest factors affecting Life Insurance. Santa is around 2000 years old, so it might be a little challenging, as most insurers do not give policies for people over 82.

Occupation and Lifestyle:
Santa engages in a dangerous lifestyle of flying around the world on a sleigh, not to mention the heavy lifting of all those presents. Climbing on roofs and entering houses by chimney is not looked favourably by insurers.

Thankfully Santa is a non-smoker, however his weight is a worry. We predict that Santa has a BMI of around 38. His diet of milk, biscuits and cake, plus his nightcap of whiskey, don’t make things easy for him. If Santa can lose a few lbs, this will reduce the amount he will have to pay for Life Cover.

Can we get Life Insurance for Santa?

Yes, we are glad to offer Santa Life Insurance. We have also advised him to take out some personal accident cover too in the event he has a injury at work or back home in the North Pole.

Thanks Santa for your custom!

If you are looking for Life Insurance, look no further than OneLife Insure.

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