Does e-cigarette affect your life insurance premiums?

If you have used e-cigarettes for 12 months, you can now get non smoker rates.
The answer is yes and no as it depends on the insurance company whether they declare you as smoker and charge you first class rate or not.
Here at Onelife Insure we have over 25 years of experience and we will help you in finding the most cost efficient quote and vaper friendly insurer
Did you know:
– There are still over 850,000 smokers in Ireland and 1 in 2 smokers continue to die from tobacco
related disease, losing an average of 10 years of life!
– If you are classed as a smoker in your current policy, you can save up to half of what you
currently pay for your life insurance by giving us a call
Are they safe?
Many people have a think of E-cigarettes as being the non-harmful replacement of regular cigarette which is somewhat true. E-cigarettes contains nicotine which is addictive.
To conclude, Yes vaping is safe certain limit as it doesn’t contain tobacco.

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