Mortgage Protection

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What is Mortgage Protection?

The purpose of the Mortgage Protection policy is to clear the outstanding balance of a mortgage in the event of your untimely death. When you are taking out a mortgage you are free to shop around for your own Mortgage Protection cover.

What type of Mortgage is covered?

Reducing Mortgage Loan, Capital and Interest Repayment
If your mortgage is a capital plus interest repayment type where the amount you owe decreases gradually as you make your repayments then a Mortgage Protection Insurance policy is the most popular choice and is the most cost effective type of cover.  It provides a specified amount of cover, which decreases over the term of the policy. The cost of the cover remains unchanged throughout the policy term so you will always know how much your regular payments will be.

The benefit on this plan reduces on a monthly basis. This is in line with how the outstanding capital balance on a mortgage reduces.


Who can be covered?

All plans are available on a Single Life, Joint Life or Dual Life basis.

  • The Single Life basis covers one person.
  • The Joint Life basis covers two people, with the benefit being paid on first death only and then policy ceases.
  • Dual Life basis Covers two people individually and potentially would pay out on each death.
  • Each person can be covered for different amounts.
  • Must be over 18 to get cover.


How much do I pay?

The cost of your Mortgage Protection Policy will depend on your age, health, smoker status, remaining mortgage term, and the balance outstanding on your mortgage.  At One Life we will search the full Irish market to provide you with the best possible Mortgage Protection plan at the best possible premium.